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Demon Hunter
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You could get some higher dex and vit Vile Wards (I know you have life %, but still much improvement could be done).

But all in all, sick gear overall. I'd like to get a Windforce, keep 200k dps, and boost EHP a lot myself.

Yep, I already scheduled that upgrade for vileward after i get mempo. Still a long road though.

nice Vit rolls on boots, shoulders and manti.. nice setup, lots of survivability. all mid-high tier gear, 8/10

your next upgrades are going to be spendy

*don't know how current my profile is, i change builds w/ weapons constantly. i have a lower dps tank-engineer for mp10 and have a higher dps speed run for paragon farming

I think you have enough life. Maybe trade some vit gems for dex gems for more dps.

wow on your vit an AR!
yer DH is at 10/10 survivability rating but you need a lot more DPS increase for it to work on higher mp.. not saying you cant go to higher mp its just everything will be really slow for you there :)

10/10 survivability

7/10 overall

i really look into more dps for dh or at least balance coz dh already have a lot of skills that you may use to survive :)

good day!

more crit hit chance, crit hit damage and attackspeed for your DH and it will be awesome :)

@JBondz: Wow great gear overall! Is it worth it to use the Blackthorne set though? I myself haven't touch those since the tank DH days, so just wondering :)

You EHP is ok, upgrades on your belt or pants should focus on your DPS.

@ kkmmnn

Thanks! I agree with next upgrade... not enough gold for any worthwhile upgrades at the moment LOL

Survivability isn't an issue for you but you may want to swop your Amethysts for some Emeralds, or get your DPS up :)

@ lalilulelo

Solid DPS, could use a little more Vit just for some survivability but hey, if it ain't broke, dun fix it :)

Lots of guys with good builds up here! Kudos everyone!
@wingfoot, I really like your gear. Youa re definitely getting there. Everything does start getting expensive at this point. I think you have great defensive stats and would really benefit from a witching hour. See if you can get one where you dont lose too much defense but dont go way over budget either :)
@dream, awesome dps, maybe a bit more vit on bracer?
@ccbq, very nice man, looks like u can afford a better reflection :p

@mfr2908: decent DPS, EHP, AR..8.5/10. I guess your next upgrade shall be Mempo?
Rate my DH please
Nice DPS but a lil squishy 7/10

Nice DPS! A bit lack of hp, may get one shot in high MP uber runs.

a better Inna belt with 80-100 vit should helps;
bracer with dex + vit + CC + (optional: AR) are not at crazily high price now.
@Piigmeu: decent dps with nice atkspd. I would suggest higher Hp and more resists to better tackle the higher MPs. Prob can stack those in the gloves and bracers. 7/10 from me and keep up the good work!

@ArB: we must have posted at the same time so I'll shoot off for you too. Very nice dps and HP for a windforce user... You can really benefit from a windforce with soc for the extra boost. Your boots are nice but maybe you should look for a similar Nats boots with less dex for the set bonus! 8.5/10 from me!

You look pretty godly to me 9/10.

Not bad could use a bit more DPS and Life

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