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Demon Hunter
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Pretty good. The only thing you really need is more AR.

Sweet pants! Time to go Quiver hunting though. Nice work thus far!

Solid dext, real nice resists and nice MF.

You are in serious need of more crit chance though and crit dmg. Also maybe combine some of your gems and put in a amethyst for some more life.
Well guys I took a 30,000 DPS loss but I find I’m more well rounded as a DH now.. I got what I feel is decent gloves to some of the Legendary ones I see and also same with the boots.. I do have the items to bump my DPS all back up but everyone keeps telling me try get some CC and resistance.. Any other suggestions please let me know.. I like how its looking so far..
Rate please with suggestions.

I have a Mid Level geared DH. Nothing really uber. But haven't really checked back here to see what the latest tech was.
@D1GGY: up your CC to at least 30% and you can ditch the sharpshooter. Nat's chest armor and boots too!
@uoq 6/10 your missing a lot of crit dmg and your manticore is really low dps for only having 1 socket

Also get a good dead mans legacy

To who ever rates me my HP is 67k my gear has updated to my new bracers but my stats have not

very nice items, there isn't alot more you could improve. I would suggest getting a vile ward with vit as well
Everything looks good bro. Except down the road maybe focus on getting a higher damage Manticore and that would be all. I am not sure if you would maybe even do more dps with a 1350 one socket manticore or with dex if you can get it.

Can't criticize that gear with less than 2k elite kills, good stuff. Maybe try and snag an amulet with crit chance to really push it over the top.
@ Superjuice

Need to work on your crit. dmg. a bit...otherwise 7/10.
thanks bro, i just did with 205 dex 80 crit and 5 crit chance, boosted my dps nicley im sitting now at 224k unbuffed, you think i should get a better weapon next?
11/16/2012 11:31 AMPosted by uoqbon09
@D1GGY: up your CC to at least 30% and you can ditch the sharpshooter. Nat's chest armor and boots too!

As I am still a N00b to learning why I need to upgrade is there anything i can get that will boost CC.. any items over others that have more??

I had the boots but took even more DPS away.. I wanted to see him with all Legendary stuff but also love DPS lol

wow, do you have 400k dps unbuffed? If so that is insane.

How fast are your attacks with your xbow? I have tried as much as I can to max my IAS and you still have more than me and everything else...

11/10 best DH I have seen

I'd say get rings and gloves with cc. Get a pair of nat's boots you'll get back a bit of the all resist from them. If possible try getting the nat's boots with pickup radius or maybe vit?
@alanoide maybe better left ring / shoulder
feel like all the upgrades for me will be really expensive :[ any cheap upgrades?

I doubt anything real cheap you are very solid.

Inna's pants and belt would give you some nice dps plus run speed and together dext bonus, they are not too expensive. Overall nice build though 8/10

I have been passed up few times now so please rate me so I can feel important:P I did get a anderials with socket and some better shoulders though, not shown yet. more like 145k dps now:P

Rate me please lol.
many thinks to get changed.
Sorry buddy but u got a long step...
try to view some infos before starting buying eqps

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