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you got some good gear, but can deff make improvements. Manticore, you can get same DPS + Dex for very cheap on AH, and you can update pants.
Your amulet has potential to be a big dmg upgrade, quite cheap as well. Otherwise pretty ballanced.
other than upgrading my gems, any suggestions? my dps stayed stagnant at 150k w/o SS, AR at 490 avg..

I must ask, how many hours have you logged on your DH? The elite kill and paragon level is truly awe inspiring...

With respect to gears: the funny thing about your gear is that despite not being the best out there, when doing a piece by piece comparison, none of them stands out as 'in need of upgrade' when compare to everything else, it's very balanced.

I'd say the belt and pants have the most room to boost your dps with respect to upgrades along with a glove that contains attack speed.

Edit: just realize the ammy is 99% crit damage!
@kenshiro too many hours ;) but i haven't played much in the last 2-3 weeks. I'm kinda stuck at a crossroads with gear, i can run mp 10 with only a handfull of deaths (primarily on fat shielders(act3)). The toss up is gear now that i'm willing to use, cost about 100-700mil per piece. I don't like the idea of saving taht much gold to waste it on an item that's good but not exactly what i'm llookin' for lol. My gems suck atm(easy fix), my gloves, belt, pants and weapon are my focus point atm.
@Normy maybe try a 1300+dps with socket and dex bow probably give you higher dmg..

I'm not familiar with stats for 1h-xbow so I didn't comment previously, but I assume you want something similar to what you have but with a socket? That would probably be the biggest boost if possible...

Anyways good luck!
@kenshiro not sure how to check your DH, your SC account is linked.

@kkmonk terrific dps, CC chance and CD. If you care about lvling your helm could use a socket and looks like you got a nice roll on your Hellfire ring. Your all res could be higher but that's all I can really say, I'm not an expert.

People broke the code a couple pages back and I haven't heard anything back on my crap gear yet ;P
@Furiousben - not sure where you are going with your build, looks like you are gearing a tank but have a real lack of armor. Props for not being glass though.
@trippyhippy I have to admit it, you are a 10/10 for me. I want to say I would change something, but any change that I would make would be preference.. You're L337.
@Dmidify if you can add more crit dmg itd probably help you out
@noxifide holy crap thats a pretty amazing DH.

i'd get alittle more allres/vit as it seems your ehp is alot lower then your DPS but still
a pretty amazing DH with incredible DPS.

Nicely geared DH! That's outstanding damage for a 1H Calamity.
I can see a Mempo with 6% CC in your future .. :)

Nicely geared DH! That's outstanding damage for a 1H Calamity.
I can see a Mempo with 6% CC in your future .. :)

well damn 300k dps. you need more resist though. but it really depends in our playstyle anyway so if you can handle it then im fine with that.
Thanks guys, if i swap out gem / perfectionist it puts me at 54k HP / 360~ish resist on most, which is plenty for my playstyle/mp lvl
@Yoona - upgrade your gems
Hi MrLucid,

With 50% plus attack speed how well does bola shot work? I have no suggestions for you at all since that's the gear I am striving for!

And before you say anything, I know I need to upgrade my gems. I was considering selling all dh gear and rolling a WD.

7/10, good char, but u can improve it, with ur gems, rings, another manti maybe if u have budget.
@ Szlachta

You have good survivability but can afford to increase your DPS some more. Some more crit. dmg. would greatly benefit you since you have a good amount of crit. chance.


Perfect, nice gear, nice survivability, nice dps.

Hmm, i just need some help on increasing it haha, im thinking in change my belt for a witching hour, but i'll lose some AR and vit probly. What do u think? Thanks bro

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