Stuck on "Retreiving hero list"

Technical Support
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same here

38 pages in EU side and growing all the time.. at least people still TRY to play.. no matter how much Blizzard sucks.
same here.... hope to get a respons soon....
all servers are down! :D time to read a book, this will probably take awhile XD
God bless Blizzard with this game that always has a great surprise for us so we're never bored:| I just got reminded of the great launch Blizz had for this game and look where we are yet after, Just the same day is being repeated.
European Account I play by
just decided to go back to d3... bad sign?
this is a common, reoccurring problem, so why the !@#$ does blizzard not address this?

server status is reported as available, pffff.

maybe time to get the money back since they don't deliver the value they promised.
Servers are all up:|
same here..
yupp... when i saw control my battlenet balance is 0.00...give me my money back ((1000 €))
Same here, changed my p/w just to be safe incase of hack, but still, id like to know my content is still safe... anyone got an update on this?
Same problem with "Retreiving hero list" from Bulgaria.
30 min ago, lost connection with achievement db and all achievements gone :)))))
Same thing here @ EU
I was about to buy a item from AH for 500m but my computer crashed and this problem hit me so sad:( can't login.
I was playing, all fine, suddenly i noticed chat wasnt working anymore, trying to send message in party chat didnt work and whisper worked but i was not getting any answer so i guess wasn't working as well. So i thought "what the hell is this lag, let me try to reconnect". But then i got another surprise, if i try to relog i'm stuck on "retreiving hero list". Even better!
exactly the same happend 2 me totaly.. exactly... *rageing
same problem here UK
Same here in Portugal, stuck on Retrieving Hero List...

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