Stuck on "Retreiving hero list"

Technical Support
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stuck at retreiving hero list :((
oh well ... still stuck ....
same here
Was logged in and playing 2hours ago, now stuck like everyone else.
same here ... stuck
why no one from blizz is telling us anything ? like an etr or something ? but wait we are used to it ... we already paid for the game :))
Really, really poop Blizzard.
clever blizzard even locked me out of my account to prevent me from flooding the forums (2nd time this month)

lan mode or reliable server blizzard
same here
stuck at retrieving character screen :((
same here
also after several patchs D3 still surpises and amazes ppl by a vast amount of nice bugs.
did you ever want to spend 1 hour in front of your PC trying to log into a game but not being able to!? Well now u can!! buy diablo3 and DONT play today!
because not NOT playing is for pussies.
oh well... brb jerking off... will probably work when I'm done :D
Same here, same here.

The EU Gameserver is down.
BTW, how do you set your profile region ( to be the one with the heros you actual play as. Not the damn half assed lv15 barb I made during starter edition....
I'm the same. Do you have any information regarding when you get better?
Servers are down.

before spamming please do check that url time to time. As no maintenance was announced we can presume it's an unexpected downtime and blizz is definitely working to get them up and running as fast as they can.

Eu though
I hope you recover as soon as possible.

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