Black Friday... 1- 60 inch tv or 3- 27 inch

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Okay I have a dilemma. I want to play diablo and other games but i want to feel immersion and the awesomeness of the setup. So here are the options: I can afford one 60 inch tv on black friday or a 50 inch tv for half the price and get 2-27 inch monitors to add to my current one. I feel like the 60 inch is way bigger than a 50 inch and I do not know how the 3 monitor setup up will be like. The 60 inch is a sharp 120hz and the 50inch is a toshiba 60hz and the monitors are LG. What you guys think I should do?
I've always wanted to try multiple monitors but I can't really with my iMac. I would say try the two monitors so you can multi task and other cool stuff, but the option is up to you =)
I'd go for the multiple displays. My ex would play D3 and other games on a big TV and it looked awful. Not nearly as crisp and clean as a good monitor.

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