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clyde 9/10 killer gear although ive never used scorn... should i try it is that the new thing for ww?
11/13/2012 09:42 AMPosted by G3N3S1S
@Legit smexy skorn barb 9/10 though i was wondering....i didnt see much atk speed isnt that like a must for a 2h barb?

It can certainly help with fury gain but def. not required
looks like i was a bit out of turn wow G3N3S1S just learned a lot from looking at ur build very impressive 10/10
What do you guys think of my barb so far? :)

I think you need to add some more AR.

Overall your gear its pretty bad !@#, and it works great for the build you are using, future upgrade in my opinion would be some Lacuni with STR also or Ice Climbers boots with over 200 STR.
someone critique me plz.. 0 rmah this is what game has dropped for me outside ammy and chest form gmah
Please be gentle. Im still messing with builds and trying to get gear. I have been running MP 2-4 but struggle at times. any help would be great. thanks
hi could i get some upgrade advise plz? i rated earlier but no one gave me any help thx
People, what is so hard about giving a rating to get one? Stop begging for one. If you need one without giving one, you're being an douche canoe.
@ Basingse 7/10

Looks like you could use some more crit hit chance.

Appears to me that most of your upgrades are going to be very expensive.

I like the Cindercoat.

Is your life steal satisfactory on your gear or is Bloodthirst your primary resource?

I'm interested in getting my dps higher, interested in switching away from LOH myself.

Add rend with bloodlust rune and Hammer to your build. <any hammer rune>. also buy 2 low budget IK pieces to gain EHP to farm 1-3 fast/effectively. gloves + Chest + belt would be sweet for you though.. can prob get all 3 for under 70mil. with legit rolls. can buy all 3 for prob 10-25mil if dont care about rolls.
@Panos looks like you could use more str and crit damage

jstine412 u need some crit damage and more chance
Great barb have awesome end game gear. Rate a 9.5/10 only because u can get a 1300 dps EF as your only upgrade

You're on the right path, just keep pushing those stats up one by one, upgrading your gems is a must, but wait until the market dips a bit first. Over all 7.8/10 - Better than average but can still easily be improved with time.
all ok
@Firelord. 9/10, Next stop 200k. Nice work.

edit: Wearing some MF gear. Max unbuffed dps ~ 130k, or so.
@firelord, 8.5/10, really good barb, well balanced.

rate away

Nice Barb!! 9/10

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