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@xen0n. Sorry I missed the post. And thanks a lot for the tips. I've been having trouble finding a good offhand, since I'm pretty much out of gold right now. The page seems to be messing up and giving me 20k less DPS. It's not that big of a difference, but I'm trying to get my deeps up. I feel like I have pretty good survivability right now.

Again, thanks. Also, SKIP ME PLS.
11/13/2012 02:53 PMPosted by HeavyHitter
Rate me Gonna improve belt/gloves soon! OVER 200k DPS

9/10 why not. I think you could do better on the ring on the right hand, the 6% crit chance is good, but you could find that and more if you have some gold. Even more all res if anything there.
@Liakos 7/10 upgrade gems but you already know that
All I can say is add crit damage where you can, good solid barb

Nice gear and DPS. Would try to upgrade the bracers and gems for higher armor and/or resistance.
Your barb looks good dude, jealous of the IK chest its the last piece I need! haha
Love the skorn though I had one similar and enjoyed it for a long time, maybe I'll try that rend build out
nice but try getting more life and critical hit chance!
maybe some life leach or dmg converted to life would help too
edit: nvm u have nice life leach

Nice critical hit chance and damage output. Probably need more life even though you have decent life regeneration.

got some good pieces in there and some really awkward ones. 7/10

Nice. But I think still can sacrifice vit for dps.
play more...hurry up get the level 60 =P

nice weapons, you could easily upgrade your pants for some more AR.

[rate my SC barb not my HC barb please]

@ Suigeneris

Solid, notice your armour seems a bit low, maybe a vile ward to start?
Jen, could use some better rings with better base stats and maybe instead of those bracers look into Lacuni Prowlers

Upgrade your chest armor, IK most likely. Main hand axe could be upgraded also.

[rate my SC barb not my HC barb please]


I'd appreciate some advice on what to upgrade next. I have 32M to spend. Am thinking of going for IK Chest next.

@xlSarge, why not dual wield with ww build?

Any suggestions welcome.
What should I upgrade next is my big dilemma.
I have the ammy with crit chance, attck speed,
crit dmg. I lose lots a vitality, was thinking a better immortal kings chest idk.

Ty in advance for your input.
I ww at lower MP lvls because it is easy. For MP 7-10 i use a rend/hoa build. I still do 100k DPS unbuffed, plus i really like my SS. :)

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