Selling Dh gear. RMAH only! 200k no SS

Demon Hunter
Gems not included.
Low ballers will be a free bump.
Will be taking offers.
Wait till profile updates.
Will sell full set for 250$ with out DML.

Manticore: B/O $30
Mempo: B/O $25 / Andareal's visage: B/o 10$
Ammy: B/O $10
Vile Ward: B/O $30
Gloves: B/O $5
Nat Reflection: B/O $45
Nat Embrace: B/O $40
Nat Bloody Footprints: 20$
Inna Favor: B/O $45
Inna Temperance: B/O $15
Bracers: B/O $15
DML: B/O 250$
Only 4 pieces show in your profile...
i know i know that's why i said wait for profile update alltho i think u will be intrested in my nat's ring lol
Bump sold all!

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