MP10 farmin' BUILD; gear & guide. UPDATED^2

Witch Doctor
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Last comment for the morning:

I am running with only 39k hp and ~700 all res including int, and yet able to stand up to mp10 ubers and elites alike; I seriously doubt that any build based on life steal (and lacking loh) could stand up past mp6-7ish. If you can afford best in slot pieces and such; perhaps bears will trump my build at some distant point of gear level; but if your looking for the most bang for your buck at high MP play, this is certainly a spec worth giving a shot, I doubt you will be disappointed.

(edit- many responses on previous page, sorry haven't been keeping check on this thread for some time)

(edit2- I actually am still using bruiser rune for gargantuan but with everything else from the original spec)
11/19/2012 02:51 AMPosted by ImpKing
Hitting a target with 2-3 bears from one cast is very powerful.

I already mentioned this build can only not compete when multi bears hit 1 target, but this build far outcompetes for AOE (a significantly larget portion of gameplay compared to single target). This build is not meant for optimal single target dps, but it is meant to maintain good damage and optimal survivability vrs single target, and top dmg/top survivability versus packs of mobs.
11/19/2012 02:51 AMPosted by ImpKing
It requires alot of micro and positioning but results in the highest output of dmg.

In essence my build was created to avoid these playstyle-limiting features of bear build, which for me makes the spec unenjoyable.
11/19/2012 02:51 AMPosted by ImpKing
I position myself to where I'm hitting both of them with all 3 bears from each cast.

I position myself so my rain and cloud hit both, and I can sit in mp10 poison and take raka + ghom hits simultaneously without issue, and not run into any time limiting factors either. Time spend positioning is time lost dps'ing. And while you may get all 3 to hit them some, or even perhaps most of the time, I am certain that there are casts that are wasted altogether and/or only having one bear hit or only hitting one target mixed in. Bears are better burst, better single target if ignoring positional requirements and time spent in movement, cloud is better at just about everything else. But to each his own, play the spec you like as I've already said.
I also have done alot of solo mp10 with bears as main attack. Its not easy but it provides the best dmg output in my opinion.

The build I've provided is meant to be easy. Why complicate things just to see bigger crits, when in actuality with other variables factored in like time spent positioning, moving, kiting etc; the bear build is not killing things very much faster; and my build is killing things fast enough for me anyways!
like i said to each his own xD happy thanks giving.

got a few upgrades, sticking with the mana regen Zuni helm instead of crit. Sticking original build mostly, besides bruiser gargantuan rune which I have stuck with as well. Check my profile for details as it is fully updated. enjoy your holiday all.
up for dessert time oh yeaaa :)
like i said to each his own xD happy thanks giving.

Happy thanksgiving. The point is that you make false claims about how your build is better than bears at mp10. Can you post a vid of this build or find someone that can? I have a feeling that lifesteal bears with decent micro skills will blow your build out of the water. I have over 20 hours of mp10 solo on my twitch stream and I don't use any best in slot items.

It is better survivabilty on mp10 difficulty with respect to item cost without a doubt. By this I strictly mean that survivabiltiy is superior in my build when on a limited budget. Bears with life steal-- if not factoring in for item cost, and not appreciating the simplicity and lack of positional requirements of an acid rain based build, can certainly be competitive, but it is also without a doubt a more involved playstyle with more opportunities to make an incorrect decision/move and end up with a negative outcome. This build does what it says, and to further clarify that is:

(1) hold up defensively in mp10 with a lower (relative to other specs) chance for an issue or complication to result in player death (important versus ubers, and boss "event" ecounters) [I am referring to operator(player) error here]

(2) a lower item budget required then alternative specs. in the crudest sense, loh weaponry is generally cheaper its life steal counterpart, but there is much more that contributes to the lower cost to build a gear set capable of mp10. (including the fact that even with 6LS and BiS gear bears would not heal as fast as LOH and Acid rain can; [which means acid rain/loh builds will have lower defensive stat requirements, further lowering budget requirements]) The DPS required to survive from life steal is more then is required to complete MP10 in a relatively timely fashion. This means the damage one needs to reach will be less expensive to attain.

(3) put out superior single target and aoe damage per second then a pure-bear spec unless in the case of single target multiple bears are hitting the same target; this builds on simplicity/ease of playstyle for acid rain- a core goal of the build. (the numbers to verify this are in the original post.)

(4) not require use of spender for survivability, (and consequently be much stronger in an OOM (out of mana) state. (builds on simplicity of playstyle by not requiring as much micro-management of mana; although can still benefit in terms of damage from managing mana more effectively).

(5) lastly, LOH will always be more consistent then life steal, because of the sheer fact that LOH healing is not based of the RNG of crit chance. this draws from experience from WoW and other games; relying on a critical strike for a heal might work 9 out of 10 times, but relying on LOH will always work, and thus is infinitessimaly more reliable, mathematically speaking.. (0.1 chance to fail divided by 0.0 chance to fail) but regardless of the fact that you can't divide by 0; the superiority in reliability is certainly real and apparent.

Unfortunately, I don't/can't stream because I play exclusively on a laptop (and with integrated graphics card); thus I run diablo on the lowest settings just to be able to run relatively smoothly. If someone else would like to upload some videos that would be great, but all one needs to do is give the build a try to truely understand these points of superiority.

***Additionally, my limitations as far as computer equipment gets at one of the many reasons one might choose an LOH-acid rain build like the one proposed which is less likely to die in the event of lag or hardware delay. [for example, many times I cannot move out of freeze traps before they explode simply because even though on my screen I am clearly out of the radius, once it goes off, my character will lag back a few yards and get frozen anyways, because of hardware/connection latency. LOH+ rain of toads corrects for this because it gives you back solid healing over time-- thus providing heals while frozen--thus avoiding death.]
added above post in the 2nd post for easy viewing, and updated/trimmed original post a bit, enjoy!
He had me at farm mp10 stoned.
11/23/2012 04:55 PMPosted by Sangerla
He had me at farm mp10 stoned.

xD no other way
Its still completely wrong. Bears are cheaper and are not hard to use unless you are really bad at video games. The aoe loh is very small for rot and cannot match up to a stream of bears lsing multiple targets. With bears providing more dmg from aoe and single target, it is far superior and provides room for other skills.

You like to write alot about your build but it is not very thought out or impressive. You use LOH with a skorn without backing it up with considerable attack speed.

Your main is demon hunter. I don't understand why you would come in here make false claims, write in length about a build thats already being done, and then argue with people that know more about WDs than you.

stop hating dude everyone knows about bear spec this is a viable/competitive alternative i dont understand why you gotta come in here and complain and cant mind your own or if you're so exacerbated about your own build make a thread about it instead and be productive at least. all 3 bears hitting 1 target with no other extra dmg included from pets/other simultaneously damaging spells is comparable the single target output of this spec in total during primary spam, and with mana regen zuni helm i now have to use primary way less, this build scales up for aoe well because multiple acid rain can be placed in dif spots on the map. mp 10 is farmable with this spec, this spec does what it intends and there is no misinformation. ima consider your future posts free bumps and not waste any more time replying to you
wake n bake xD
I am trying to build the skill page as shown, however when I try to make the poison cloud a right click mouse binding, I get D/C from server. And this happens every time I try it. Not just once. Is there a reason for this?

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