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Demon Hunter
Hi guys, what is consider decent and high for eHP? With or without dodge?
Any specifics to match different mp levels?

Am currently sitting at 300k and 500k w/ dodge.

Any advice/views are appreciated. Thanks!
the damage scale is 1.14^mp

the minimum eHP for inferno (MP0) I would put at 90,000 (a phasebeast champ does about 60-80k a hit)

this means for MP5 (90k * 1.14^5) = 173,000 eHP is (imo) the absolute floor to even attempt

I recommend for inferno MP0 more like 125k so survival is not razor thin for QoL
that's more like 240k @ mp5

with 300k that is starting to becomes too little for mp7 imo, but if you are attempting mp7 you might as well be at mp9-10 if you are just absolutely that good at never taking damage, everything beyond absolutely the weakest mobs would basically one shot you anyway

as for avoidance in the mix, eHP is a measure of what it takes to 1 shot you (or to describe preventing of being killed in # of hits) dodge% is neither of those since it is either RNG infinite eHP or RNG nothing
Thats some helpful info. Thanks mate!
Interesting First time I'm doing my eHP "Test" and i just discovered Im at 550k - 600k+ ehp with dodge. But i doubt i can do MP 8-10 LOLOL I dont even think I can do MP7... havent really tried though.. didn;t have the balls to. maybe I will
Haha. Its good knowledge to know yea. Thanks to @korba.

My ehp is about the same as yours. Manage to survive mp7 but not as efficient.
If ya interested we can run together!

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