Anti-Kite DPS Barb Build

Made this up on my own, doing mp4 inferno act 3 with ease with gear probably worth around 1-3 total. It's DW.!YgV!bZcZZa

The one skill you can change for your preference is overpower, since its just there for the extra damage. You can check my profile for my barb. The dps is only 48k but buffed wiith 3 enemies around and overpower just used i have 91k dps. Sure its not super high but considering i bought my weapons for under 200k after recovering from 1.04 (had 20m worth of items, didn tplay much more, then came back and my items are like 2m total lolz) and my other items are low budget, ill say this is pretty good. With so much cc you have time to heal, and while your stuns are on cooldown and you're taking too much damage, you can just kite and you will heal with your rend quickly. Lifesteal on your belts and weapons would be really helpful.

Feel free to suggest things, just made this from scratch, tell me how well it works etc.

Edit: also have an axe or sword for main hand, whichever gives more dps on your particular barb.
it's not anti-kite without threatening shout: taunt rune

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