Decided to share my new build with everyone

Was reluctant to share this build because i was afraid the prices of the items needed for it would go up, but now that i have the items i need, i feel like i can share this build freely.

Hopefully blizzard doesnt go nerf happy on it.

The build:!WXg!YaYacc


Ray of Frost - Sleet Storm: Does 280% weapon damage almost as powerful as archon, BUT has a MUCH HIGHER proc rate of 50% if i am not wrong.
You only need about 10-15ap on crit and 40-50 crit chance to perma spam this on more than 3 units.

Teleport - Safe Pasage: Gives 30% dmg reduction which is a huge help for 4 secs also letting you get out of hairy situatioon and into more enemies to blast them with a storm of ice.

Frost Nova - Deep Freeze: Gives 15% extra crit chance when in big mobs which helps alot!
use cold snap for ubers

Diamond skin: No animation required so can still channel Ray of Frost.
can play around with runes depending on your hero
i prefer crystal shell for extra hp

Energy armor - Prismatic: For desecrator/arcane/firechains/molten

Magic Wep - Blood Magic: For lifesteal(very important)


Cold blooded: 20% dps
Astral presence: 2 ap/s and 20 max ap to make up for Energy Armor and to help regen ap
Critical Mass: Cool down frost, diamond, and tele

How it works

Ray of Frost - Sleet Storm has a very small radius, making it hard to hit many enemies and therefore harder to regain AP or to cooldown skills with Critical Mass.
However with the high proc rate this is something that can easily be overcome.

Solution 1: The best one is to invite a monk buddy and get him to use Cyclone Strike to vortex all enemies within 24 yards (larger than Blizzard - Stark winter = 22 yards) to you and then you hit ALOT of things.
This lets you perma freeze, do tons of dps cuz of 280% wep dmg + 20% cold blooded.

Solution 2: Use teleport to blink into large mobs and keep blinking around to which ever group has the most units per area.
This is not as effective but still can be used.
The bad thing is that ranged enemies still get you alot.


A Monk with Cyclone Strike - To vacuum everything in
A Barb with War Cry - Increase resistance for problem affix elites
A CM/WW Wiz - For perma freeze
A Ray of Frost Wiz - For DPS and extra freeze

Having a good team like this can take me a MP3 wiz up to a MP6 farming efficiently and MP8 for keys and ubers.
Im paragon level 42.
Whats great about this build is that you dont have to rely so much on super expensive items to get enough crit and attack speed. You can get items with %increase crit chance for Ray of Frost.

An example would be a Skull Grasp Ring with 7% attack speed and 7% increase crit chance for Ray of Frost.

Now a normal ring with 7% attack speed and 6% crit chance would cost tens maybe hundreds of millions depending on other stats but the Skull grasp would cost only a few mil.

Maybe after this post not so much?

Also you can find Wiz hats on AH which have some of these stats
8%ray of frost crit
10ap on crit
150+ intel

effectively the combined crit chance goes up to 14%!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dunno how to do the math but i have tested it and it makes a big difference
Try with life steal if you want to try sleet storm.

Go with cold blood and lightning armor. Take note the lightning from the hammer and your armour proc life steal but the passive only increase your dmg dealt, no increase in life gain.

Melts monster fast, and slow attack means u can channel longer, but fast atk speed means u can stutter storm better. Can try with Energy armour - Force armour since you gain back your life quickly and Unstable anomaly if you cannot gauge your survival.

Definitely suggest stormcrow for lightning bonus/loh/apoc but u can have apoc hat for this to work. Rest just stack resist all and vitality.!WhZ!YYaaZa

Have fun!!TgW!cYacZZ

This is the build I've been using for RoF. It seems to work pretty good so far. I use Shock Pulse with Living Lightning for crits and with the increased dmg I get off of my Chantodo's Force (14% for Shock Pulse) it works out alright. I set up camp and toss out a few Shock Pulses then channel RoF and throw out SP when needed. The chill effect off of Ice Armor gets the Cold Blooded bonus on anything that hits me. I might change out Arcane Dynamo for another passive but it works alright I suppose.

Any thoughts?
Hi AlexXx! Nice to see friends in forums.

Wanna see this in action, will join you as your groups CM any time.

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