Drops to 1 FPS when Zone Changing Sometimes

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Hey blizzard i have a problem here and I dont know what to do now. Tried all I could think of.

When I take a WP or a portal or hell even exit to character select screen there is a chance that my game will drop from 150-200 FPS to 1 FPS. The only fix is to change zones/exit. It is quit difficult to change zones/portal at 1 FPS.

This is a real problem for me because I play hardcore and there's no way tot know if when i change a zone this problem will occur.

I run an i7 - 3930k, 16gb ram, EVGA GTX 680, and a Samsung SSD, Windows 8.

What i have noticed happen is when i change zones my 680 underclocks itself into 2d mode. As if I was just running my desktop and firefox. It does not kick back up to full speed till I change zones/restart game.

Sometimes I can go all night no issues.

I have upgraded my drivers. Performed a clean install on them. Tried turning vsync off cause I normally run with it on.

I cant replicate :(

I am also running windows 8 with 2 monitors. I just cant help but wonder if when changing zones it thinks im in desktop mode and stays there. I dont get it :(
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