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This occured a few days ago:
i made a bid on the auction house and lost the auction and never received the gold after loosing the bid
Screenshots below:

I put in a support ticket and was told to post here if the gold was not returned within 24-48 hours. I did not receive any of the gold from a lost bid, on 2 items.
The QA team can and will do nothing about your transaction. That must be resolved through customer support. All the QA team can do is fix the bug (if there is a bug) so that it doesn't happen again.

Try the technical support forum:
They may be able to resolve your issue.
I won the bid and the item but got no refund in the difference between max bid and the winning bid, here is my post and a post from the past. support told me if they find the bug i will be given my refund. please support all these posts

there are serious issues regarding bidding on the AH

I also found this post in the past:
Yup same issue here. Didn't get a refund from a bid I lost and it's been 2 weeks since then. Like you said, hopefully they find the bug and give us our refunds. GMs can't do anything cos apparently they cannot control the AH since it's an independent system.

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