Blizzard Still M.I.A. - ISO Answer re: Duping

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There is no Dupes in WoW, Blizz must want the dupes.
Autobots, transform and bump thread!
11/15/2012 04:20 PMPosted by whoopadeedoo
Did this actually work in the two previous attempts?! O.o

Well either it'll work or I'll be out of gold, I'm not sure which one will come first at this time tbh.
what you are doing is wrong, u are artifically bumping your thread because you have gold and others dont
Get your !@#$ back up there!
I'm sure the dev team is aware of the dupe/rollback issues the OP brought up. If it was easy to fix then it would've been fixed I assume.
Quickly, Robin!
To the Bumpmobile!
Bump, rollbacks i know its happening, i hope they can delete double id items
Blizzard, if you are gonna let people continue to dupe items, then we are gonna continue to DUPE THESE THREADS!

bump bump!
45re3hybgwhshgdfgsdfg 43w 4 BUMP
Bump hmmm
This is seriosuly the worst thing that could happen to a game that is still trying to build itself back up.

Blizzard if you cant fix this, I would believe most of us will be out of here sooner than later.

Call of Duty is looking pretty damn good right now.
pls fix the duping problems :((

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