Blizzard Still M.I.A. - ISO Answer re: Duping

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i will bump here everytime i enter the forum
I hope Blizzard takes a look at this post.
duping bad! bad! bumping for good happy!
bump for fixing ah
If you're not sure what's in it and it tastes funny, but you eat it anyway because you are broke. That's how you know for sure that it's Spam, Wanfear.
Stay a while, and listen. (to what the OP is saying, Blizz!)
I just logged in the "asia" server you have to see it to believe it! 1 radiant star ruby only costs 2,650,000 gold! It's that bad on there! in the AMERICAS it's still about 19,000,000 gold
bump for today!
Feeling bumptired
I like ta bump it, bump it!
Bump for the day!!!
bump for blue post to post and to see this

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