Should I just sell my hand crossbows?

Demon Hunter
And get a manticore and quiver? I initially decided to go dual wielding because i wanted to do something different. But I have been thinking if it would just be easier/better to go manticore. The vitality on dead mans looks quite attractive and being squishy is my biggest issue.
Quite honestly, losing the vit and other EHP things you can get on a DML does really make it harder to DW, so it's up to you. In my limited experience, I've had to do a lot to make up for that, but I like it because it works well for my CC work.
well as far as things go .... better off getting a quiver anyways.
you get the 15% dw bonus compared to DML 20% ... yeah i know u could possibly do better dw but you definitely lose out on the CC provided by the quiver.

nothing wrong with handxbow... dw you lose out on getting up to 10% crit on the offhand slot.
Come on guy, don't give up trying on DW just 'cause of Vit, that don't make sense. Anyway, you still can get Vit on Xbow as the current on my profile.

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