Demon Hunter 1.0.5 Budget Guide

Demon Hunter
Hello yet again! This time I've made a budget guide for the Demon Hunter class, I've set a 3 million budget, discussed how and why you want to aim for certain stats on each piece of gear! With this budget we made a set of gear that can manage monster power 4 and efficiently farm monster power 2! Have a look and lemme know what you think, feel free to ask any questions here :)

Check it out!
Still here if you haven't seen it!
Check it out guys!
First legendary guide is out tomorrow!
bump cuz you're awesome!
12/10/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Namus
bump cuz you're awesome!

Thank you kind sir/madam!!
Lots of stuff coming for 1.0.7!
Barb Legendary Guide is out!
1.0.7 class guides incoming soon!

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