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@Mars super barb! great armor points, great combinations of items
@erplayer decen budget skOrn barb. 6/10 cos if low resists. Unless you play mp0 or mp1 then the resist don't matter
@leolaw82 one of the best barb i've seen..great combination.. u got few of my dream gears lol

not to shabby.......7/10

could use a faster oh......and more vit on your ik chest.....also some crit on your ammy, but i see that you get a huge bump of vit off that sow :l
@ leolaw

perf gems in everthing but those amazing boots? please put a perf gem in their asap....that crap is hideous :p

solid barb, I really like your chest piece with dmg reduction added in....

as for me i'm searching for a upgrade at shoulders with a vile ward and prob some ik boots unless ice climbers magically fall from the sky, and of course gems are soon to be upgraded...
@ tops

you might as well finish off the 5 piece

Should increase your IAS and armor more, overall 7.5/10


I know you need that Vit on your Skorn, but it could use a lot more damage.
@Docta nice balanced barb, might wanna get some more hp, solid 8/10
9/10, nice barb. what should one look for in a good skorn? im contemplating getting one myself for rend build.
High HPs, low res all no life steal, echoing in wrong hand. but I can see why looking at off hand.
Terrible choice of amulet. get a str vit crit chance all res or something maybe. Keep echoing fury, get a better weapon to have as main (axe or mace) then we got something :)
Good luck I m sure you'll pick up fast ! You're still a young barb

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@stampy.. very nice 8/10
maybe some more cit% of the lacuni?

Nice gear, you have a solid balance. It'll be tough to get away from the Nats set without upgrading both at the same time, you'd lose so much by just upgrading one at a time. Definately solid, and I am sure you know where your upgrades will come from 8/10

Not bad for a rend built but extremely low in speed, overall 8/10
@Belan Really nice skorn ! 8/10 :)

Don't be to rude at my note, I just started the game ^^'
@Arthur very nice Skorn build. DPS seems solid, ais good. Overall very nice. Maybe alittle more res in the future.

I would say 5/10, but you just started and you have geared very well for your budget. Keep it up!

Up and coming needs alittle work. Put IAS/CC on rings and leave CD for weapons and amulet. Since amulets can roll 100 CD and rings can only roll 50 its better to get max ias on rings and gloves.

Very nice Hota build only upgrade I see in your foreseeable future is a Mempo with crit, you would have to figure out were to put the lost res though.

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