500,000,002 gold went nowhere due to AH bug

Technical Support
My two purchase got overbidded, and my bid money were sent to the "Finished" tab. Then I clicked "Mail to the deposit box" button to add them to my sum, but they didn't -- my gold sum didn't change after I clicked "Mail to the deposit box" buttons. Those returned money disapeared in the "Finished" tab, but didn't get added to my gold sum. They were just gone.

The two orders are as below, which were outbidden on 11/10:
1. 1129190133 -- my bid gold is 100 mil + 1.
2. 1128659553 -- my bid gold is 400 mil +1

I thought there might be a delay, so checked the next day (11/11), but my gold sum still didn't have those money added. So I filed a ticket as https://us.battle.net/support/en/ticket/thread/32789621.

The customer support said the delay might take 5 days, so I waited till today. However, I still didn't get me the money by now, and the customer kept pushing back this issue without resolving it.

Obviously I ran into a bug related to the "Mail to the deposit box" button, which "swellowed" my money. If a QA or dev investigates my transaction log, he would see my gold sum didn't change before & after I clicked that button on returned gold of those two transactions. I spent more than $700 to buy those gold from RMAH (when gold price was much higher), so please treat it seriously and manage to get either my gold or my money back. And it'll be nice you can fix this bug to prevent someone else run into the same bug in the future.

You'll need to submit a support ticket as we can't assist with Auction House transactions here in the forum.

This article will lead you through the process.


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