cant link paypal to battlenet

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im from Philippines, its been 2 weeks and still giving me this message...i followed every step i even called battlenet/paypal still cant find solution... tried diff computers/computer shops, same address same name paypal/battlenet, paypal verified email/creditcard/bank account...sms protect/authenticator happened right after 1.0.5 patch...cleared cache used diff every article/forums about this and followed instructions still same problem...the agent that i spoke to 10 already says they cant see any problem...paypal account is new verified, debit card is new also no paypal account linked to my battlenet account...

pls anyone help

An error occurred while linking your PayPal account.
Your PayPal account could not be linked at this time. This may be due to a system error, or because you’ve already linked a PayPal account to this account.
If the problem persists, please contact Customer Support.
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HELP!!! i cant buy items from RMAH because of this...before the patch 1.0.5 my rmah is working properly but after the patch i created a new paypal account to match the name of my bnet account...ang get that error since then

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