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I posted the following in the general discussion section, but was recommended to put it here ....

Here it is:

hi Blues

I fully understand that using 'those' kind of unauthorized 3rd party software can lead to permanent account suspension, and this is not the question I am asking.

I am playing on the US server from overseas, while for 99% of the time the network is just not fast and stable enough for me to really enjoy the game. Hence, I am using a software which establishes some kind of SOCKS connection (I am not a networking expert so pls forgive me if I made this wrong or confusing). My understanding is that, the software provides some kind of proxy service for me to connect to battle.net US server. I do love this since I really feel the difference between with and without this proxy service, and my connection is perfectly smooth since I used this service.

However, after seeing all those messages on accounts being suspended, I am getting worried, since I am not sure whether the proxy software I've been using may one day be considered by Blizzard as 'those' 3rd party software.

The proxy software I use only affects the network connection, and the only difference i feel is the faster and smoother network speed. It does NOT, in any possible way, changes my gameplay. But I need to be 200% sure, and get this message from you blues, since i don't want to jeopardize my account which i spent lost of hours and $$$.

Thank you!

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