I'm sad about No-Item-lock now.

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in all the identification bloodlust, I spam rightclick and guess what... a similiar weapon to mine got equipped without me noticing it. I was also listening to music so I didn't hear the equip noise. Now my very good weapon is GONE - when I noticed it It was already buried in the buyback-tab...

2 Months earlier I salvaged a very good shoulder-part... Same reasons.

This is extremly frustrating. I want to enjoy the game and do everything as fast as possible.
When will we get a lock-button for our armory? Upgrades are rare, items expensive, there is just no reason Not to have no item-lock. Now.
EVERY MMO has this for a reason!

Btw: Customer support will not give you items back.

Ps: I keep me realy calm here, that weapon was my most expensive part and absolute dream-weapon for me!! I can't get this back in a month never. While it's absolutly my failure I just play the game as intended, fast, selling alot crap to vendor, having my fun. It can't be that you lose equpped items this way.

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