just discovered my best friend is a bot.

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I too LOL'd hard...thank you OP!
Amazing! Loved every word!
Awesome post. I'm bumping again!
It's a tragedy when one discovers that a friend is not who they claim to be. My heart goes out to you.
has to be one of the best threads here ever. good job op.
Made my night!
"I'm Scared Dave, Will I Dream?"
:) Cheers to the OP! Funniest post I've read in a while!
9/10 +1
8/10 gg
Too funny! Thanks for the laugh.
+1 for sure.

Hope it becomes Highly Rated.

Made my day :D tks OP
Very creative.

I lol'd too. Though i think blizzard does not tell anyone why they would ban someone.
11/16/2012 08:19 PMPosted by Bandit
i started to notice something was wrong on a social front with "xxchowyoungepha441t" when conversation was usually heavily one sided,


Great post OP!

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