rmah item processing since june

Bug Report
i used to try to sell some stuff on rmah and it work twice , but i was just browsing through my AH history and realize that a payment made in june is still processing
there is also this little red exclamation point that says "payment under review"
This is a customer service issue, and not a bug. You'll need to submit a support ticket, or post in the technical support forum.
it does not allow me to create a support ticket with the information i provide, because the support ticket system is flawed. apparently i am not allowed to ask questions of such a nature to the almighty blizzard.
Topic: I have an issue related to the Auction House
Topic Details: I didn't receive my purchase
Auction House Type: Real Money?

Fill in the Order ID and Timeframe, and note in the description that it says "payment under review", ask that it be reviewed and completed.

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