seem to be at stuck at 150dmg

Demon Hunter
seems like i cant get over 150k dmg ne suggestions what to upgrade or how to get over this hurdle
Easiest way is to upgrade your xbow. Dual sock doesn't always outdps single sock unless its the high end ones.
Attack speed... Also even though that's a 2 socket manti, you would be better off with 1 socket and 1200+ manti. You don't have a lot of CD for a manti build though. So whichever comes cheapest. You gotta remember, you have 250% CD on your manti and not much in other places. Your CC is good so either add attack speed, stack more CD, or get a weapon upgrade.

Look at my gear for ideas. I'm at 178k dps with Archery only with a Windforce. Adding SA raises me to 209k dps. Won't even talk SS that takes me over 400k dps
Inna's set would help a lot, or Witching Hour.
Higher Dex Strongarms.
Higher DPS Manticore, a single socket 1300 will outperform yours by a lot.
inna's belt + pants

lacuni with crit + glove with cc cd ias should fix your aspd problem

a single socket manticore with better base damage sells for cheap. there are some in the AH that sell for less than 20m that will be much better than your current 2 socket one.

get a better amulet. every crit chance and crit damage matter on the amulet because the max capability is 10 cc and 100cd.

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