What happened to side Quest!?

Lore and Story
Dear Blizzard can you please add side quests to Diablo 3. For example. You have the blacksmith in act 1. "Hey if you see my foolish aprrentice out there" like oh yeah nothing is really going on with him......yeah ....nothing. or. What about the thieves guild? We get threat of oh well see them again yeah...what? Don't remember ever seeing them again. Yeah the scoundrel talks about them but that is it. What's the deal blizzard. I feel like we are missing out on a deeper story in Diablo 3. Side stories are great. Please implement them all in the EX or a patch please an thank you..........anyone else agree? Please. Bump.

however the theives guild stuff was just a bunch of a dying man's last attempt to frighten you.

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