Life steal vs life on hit for wiz

I am just not sure what's good for wizard in terms of LS or LoH. How well does each works for wizard and do they work on skills like chain reaction? Thanks for the advice
Mainly depends on your DPS

if DPS <100k go with LoH

if DPS >100k go with LS

Usually CM/WW goes with LoH and Archon goes with LS
i've been test running my cm/ww/archon hybrid for farming purposes even using blood magic and i must say BM alone can't handle RD mob unless you're high on dps or you have a good solid armor/all resist/hp but dropping the archon and going back to my roots (explosive blast) having an additional life source (life steal) is great since explosive blast procs loh/ls better and faster than archon but archon does more damage but not fast enough to trigger decent loh/ls. what a tangled web >_<

archon procs loh/ls poorly (beam is tick proc rate while explosive blast is per hit)

my advice is getting both if you want since you'll be needing as much as you can anyway imo
I see. Thank you guys so much. That solves the question that i always have whether skills like explosive blast proc loh/ls or not. This really helps.
most likely if u go

CM/WW build = LOH

archon = lifesteal

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