Need advice on CM/WW build.

So I want to try out the CM/WW build, im trying to get a chantodos will with atk spd and not the socketed one, because i think its more viable no? Just need some suggestions on what type of gear I should be aiming for to sustain the build. Thanks.

2.73 ias, 50cc, 4.5k armor, 750 ar, 20apoc, 600-1200 loh (i like havin more cause its easy to make mistakes) this will let u run shocknado shards, but will cost a !@#$load

wand should be ias chants wand (lose dps but can get one less ias legendary)
helm - storm crow with cc or if ur doing it on the cheap with all resist
source - chants force with max ias, max cc no apoc (apoc super expensive)
rings and ammy, gloves - should have as much ias, and cc u can afford
also try to get a little loh on one of the jewellery pieces and fit in as much armor,ar and int as u can on those pieces
bracers - 6cc ar/armor/vit/int bracers (cheaper now cause everyone wants a lacuni)
belt - wh with all resist

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