Re-installing game, only install EU?

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Hey, so i upgraded to windows 7, and now have to re-install D3.
At the install screen, all the EULA stuff is about EU things, and after i agree and say that i have activated the account, it goes to the 'installing' screen, but stays at 0%.
I figure this is because i have only activated the game on the US account side.

How do i install the game so its US, not EU?

It sounds like you have the EU client, which is fine and will be playable on the US server, BUT on patch days you won't be able to play for awhile since the EU client patches long after the US one.

To get the US client you will need to download it from

Go to and login to your account, on the summery page you will see Diablo 3, click it and go to Install/Re-Install the client. It will then bring you to the download page where you may have to verify your date of birth to access the Diablo download.

Now for the important bit, look here: click this to bring up your download options and select the client for your server(enUS for Americas, enEU for EU, Asia for Asia) then press save and then download the client.

Edit: The activate thing will come up no matter what client you install, that's just for people who haven't made an account yet, just click that you have already activated.
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Got it, thanks.
I installed EU first time round i guess, and just used US server, but i now its US->US it should be better all round.
Thanks champ.

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