Blizzard / MeteorShower wizard on MP6

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Hello fellow arcane masters.

Until recently I was using the - some people would say outdated - Blizzard/Hydra combination.
I got bored of it and started playing around with my build.

Now I came up with the Bizzard / MeteorShower solution.
Check my profile. After various gear upgrades (bought and found) MP6 is a real breeze now.

Let me know what you think.
Advise, critic and gear check is welcome.
If you have questions let me know.

Some things that makes this build work:

High AR. Relatively high LifeRegen as I do not kite so much any more and run away. I approach monsters. Spam magic missile. Pop blizzard and then spam MeteorShower. Take a little step back and repeat. Due to Astral Presence and Snowbound this is not a problem.

In lower MPs I wear a Storm Crow for the APoC and socket with ruby. The APoC let's me rain meteors on the mobs even more.

In full MF gear in MP1 I melt everything no matter what I do.

Discuss if you want. Add me in game if you wanna see it live.


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