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So what you guys look forward to see? Saw this topic on Eur forum and it was pretty nice ^^

Myself: Samurai or Angel class.
Some kind of beast master that is a mix of the druid and amazon. maybe he has something like 5 beasts to chose from with upgrades and armor for each as they level up. Obviously they would avoid being like the witch doctor and would have to have something that was more close combat bassed. Thats just what i would enjoy seeing, maybe they could also ride their beast for 20 seconds or something too.
My guess is a strength based druid. The lore for this character is already in place, and druids are mentioned several times in the book of cain, as well as their concept art being in there. The only archetype missing from D3 of the D2 classes is a shapeshifter. They would fit perfectly as a strength class, and since there's only 1 strength class in the game, it makes sense. A paladin returning is not likely, since there's already a holy melee warrior (Monk) as well as a holy melee follower (Templar). Adding a Paladin would be redundant. I would be willing to make a large bet it'll be a druid.
I have to agree with Krolic. Druid was well-liked in d2. assassin and paladin are pretty much covered with monk. I, however, do not agree that it will be strength. looking back at d2, the druid was the most versatile. str and vit for bear. dex for wolf, int for summoner. A versatile class like that would be a wonderful addition.

But using str as a stat to enhance spells would be a fantastic idea as well.
I suppose I was thinking that to fit the druid into a strength role, Blizzard would change the core concept of the druid a bit, to make it focused more on the shapeshifting than the spellcasting. The book of cain says, "Apart from communing with plants and animals, they can take on the forms of certain beasts and, in some rare instances, even bend the forces of nature to their will." I don't necessarily think that just because they would be strength based that excludes them from casting any spells. I mean, the monk is a dex based class that can cast a heal and a few other similar spells. Just my opinion, of course.
I think Krolic is spot on and hope it's accurate. The reason behind the Druid being a class whose main attribute is strength is because, out of the five, only the Barbarian can really benefit from that attribute. As I progress further with my Demon Hunter, I appreciate the fact that I can pass most of the equipment that I upgrade to my Monk, because Dexterity is an attribute that both of them primarily benefit from. If the Druid's main attribute is strength, Barbarian players may have a use for their old equipment besides listing it on the Auction House.
All you guys got some nice ideas with the druid. BUT. i will be forced to punch a baby if it ends up being another anti-caster
The Auctioneer!

Also a new legendary called "The Gavel of Commerce."
WD kinda fits Druid role...

Sorry to bash, but Samurai = monk
Not really, the WD can't shapeshift.
The Auctioneer!

Also a new legendary called "The Gavel of Commerce."

Hmmm... I think a pirate would be interesting. So would a Belmont style vampire hunter type character.

It would open the door for cool new skills, areas, and new enemies.

(i'm going to elaborate on these idea in my own thread)

Also I think the points being made about them "copying" the classes from D2 need to be noted. I really hope they make something fresh and new.

I'm hoping for 2 new classes...
I'm hoping for a super summoner sort of like the Skeleton Necromancer. Probably my favorite character in D2. There is nothing that puts a smile on my face more than having an Army of skeletons, returned and a fire golem.

The WD sort of fails to deliver on that. Even if the WD had tons of summons, I really like the Dungeons and Dragons style feel of a true Necromancer.

I imagine a few types of summons:
1. Dumb AI fodder type summons, walk around, attack things
2. Smarter summons, incorporates better skills and uses them smarter
3. Awesome summons, great skills and use them very well

Different flavors of each kind.

Obviously you have more of 1 than 2 than 3 and your character basically has spells to manage and support the horde.

Management spells
1. All summons attack this area
2. All summons form a blockade here
3. Do your thing
4. etc or more ideas.

Support spells
1. Heal all summons within 6 yards of casting location
2. Boost the dmge of fodder summons for 3 seconds
3. All summons within 6 yards of an awesome summon become immune to control impairing effects for 10 seconds
4. etc or more ideas

What do you think?
The druid is a solid character with str.. We can have a dual resource like the demon hunter, one that focuses on forsight (quick spending) and a second insight (slow spending).

The main idea is his transformations because he was known for being a werewolf or werebear in the game. His stat would be Str for dmg % increase.

If you focus on his pets you can get wolves and bears. The main focus is on bleeding affects. The more insight spent runes the better they crit.
The second class could be a nephalem knight/priest with str.. We can have a dual resource like the demon hunter, one that focuses on ward (quick spending) and a second tension (slow spending).

The main idea is his auras and speed with 1 handed weapons. It would be the class that focuses on sword and board. His stat would be str for dmg % increase.

If you focus on his auras you can drain life or throw up walls. The more tension focused runes would increase the crit or duration of walls. He would benefit from the 30% reduction in damange for being melee.
we got 2 intel
we got 2 dex
we got 1 srt class

So next class is going to be str user :P So make your ideas according to this :P
I want an expansion to come out with d2 classes and then some like come on d2 was the shizz and no doubt about it that why i bought d3 expecting d2 overhauled but no :(
Instead of druids why not deamonmancers ?? come on being a giant demonic flesh golem ripping ppl apart or summoning 10 imps to shoot fire balls!, and for a str lets see a death knight :D
Why not a Teddy Bear class? It looks like they passed the security check during D3 development.

Resource - Hug

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