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I always thought the Warrior was a well balanced fighter from Diablo 1 or somehow reminded me of one. Not a complete brute like the Barbarian. Which is good at what he does. Smashing and bashing! I think it would be interesting to see a Tank that is organized who is a thinker with solid tactics that can go toe to toe as well. Like a Knight or soldier. Not a Fighter/Priest hybrid which the Paladin is or the Templar follower. I'm thinking more of a class like a Roman Legionnaire. Could be wrong though.
A class with STR as the main stat, most likely.
01/04/2013 01:09 AMPosted by TDW1996
A class with STR as the main stat, most likely

Definitely. I don't see why not? Besides, I would like to see more than one class anyway in the expansion. There's so much they can work with.

Barbarian - STR (A Tank which is all about brute force).
Demon Hunter - DEX (A combination of the Amazon an Assassin).
Monk - DEX (Seems to offer another cross-class between the Assassin with a little touch of the Paladin. Very minimal at best).
Witch Doctor - INT (A variant of the Necromancer in my opinion).
Wizard - INT (Your generic Spell Caster).

Of course I could be wrong, however you can't have too many Tanks in a Hack N' Slash. Just kidding...
we had 2 new classes for d2 exp. Why would we only get one for d3 exp?

A priest class like Jesus!
Give me a break. A PRIEST? The monk IS a priest!

No, no. We had Paladin and monk as priest. We need something salad fresh.

Having a druid class with shape-shiftting ability goes back like the Norn class in Guild Wars 2. Kind of a good idea but feels a little odd.

I can tell that shape-shiffiting ability is its ULTIMATE SKILL, same as the super Barb and Archon Wiz. Perhaps 3 types of shapeshifting.

Next would be, I'd like to see a Warlock, then can summon demons or revive back the dead. Dissimilar compared to a Necromancer.
The only class I can think of off the top of my head that has been mentioned but not put in the game is a Mage, as in the Horadrim. Unfortunately there's almost no distinction between them and the Wizard.

Not only do we currently have 1 STR, 2 INT, 2 DEX but D2 had 3 melee, 3 non-melee and Amazon could go either way. We need a melee character imo.

Crazy idea I said in another thread: Liche/Wraith/Ghost class. Instead of life, it'd have ectoplasma and their resource could be ectoplasmic energy or something.
I know what we don't have as a class. TRUCK DRIVER. Main weapon of choice, a wrench, can dual wield a steering wheel as a shield. No trucks though. Came from the future, summoned by Diablo because he did serious time in jail in future lore. Don't know squat about magic, automatic gets stunned or feared upon touching an enemy. An extremely challenging character to play with.
Here's all of my suggestions to date:
1. Bard - 1/2 Dexterity, 1/2 Intelligence
2. Vampire - Vitality
3. Gladiator - Strength
4. Conjurer - Intelligence (summons creatures)
1. Sailor - sing songs which affects allies, uses deceit to defeat enemies, mele fighter, one handed, throwing daggers (monk/demon hunter)
2. Alchemist - poisons, fire breathing mixtures, explosives, allkinds of potins which afects enemies and allies, SHAPESHIFTING, mass destruction (wizz/witch doctor)
+1 For TRUCK DRIVER lol I laughed soooo hard.

2. Alchemist - poisons, fire breathing mixtures, explosives, allkinds of potins which afects enemies and allies, SHAPESHIFTING, mass destruction (wizz/witch doctor)

I forgot about the alchemist. That was one of my other ideas. Potions ... powders ... explosives ... and mutagens for both the alchemist and enemies.
I know what we don't have as a class. TRUCK DRIVER.

Haha! Yes, and get the guy from Rochard to voice him!
The Captain.


But really, expect a sword and shield class (strength).
The Necromancer and maybe some sort of Ogre or troll king that could summon fallen be based on st. I'd also like too see some sort of clownish type characters that could change into some sort of demon like the druid did with the bear. You know some sort of Jekyll and Hyde type class.I know you've already got a mask set up for something like that for the monk and theres wands that laugh when you die soo i don't see why you couldn't do those.
The necro was cool in D2, but they've already done that one. Besides, the WD is too similar to the necro.
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I think a Fallen Angel would be good. A mid-range/melee caster; He can start a fight from a distance, then close the gap and finish the job. He'd rely on corrupted Angelic magic as a resource, tainted by Diablo when he began extinguishing the Crystal Arch. His main stat would be Strength, and would utilize powerful, fragmented Angelic spells and animations that showcased the physical prowess he still possessed. A darker, more sinister type of feel would be appropriate.

I like this idea. A fallen angel class initially sounds cheesy in my mind but the groundwork is there for it already. The dark element mentioned above could be a part of the class, but it is not necessary, as a fallen angel could be more like what Tyrael is rather than having to be a corrupt being.

Of course, a druid is what instantly came to mind before entering this thread, and the consensus on that speaks for itself. :)

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