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Lore and Story
Act 1 , 2 , and 3 were a little "dark" in Diablo 3. Act 4 however wasn't.. I am complaining about this because people don't want to fight diablo 3 in "Heaven" or in a highly lighted place. They want more of a "DARK" corrupted place I believe. Comparing to Diablo 2, It was very good on the setting and darkness of the game. For instance the cow level in diablo 2.. this was a wonderful idea. But in Diablo 3... Your fighting ponys for christ sake... Not cool. Thank you for reading:)
I disagree.

A lot of people wanted to visit Heaven. It doesn't matter that it's a bright place. It's a part of the Diablo Universe. We wanted to know more about Angels and what Heaven looked like.
In D2 you attack the hell, but in D3 You'll defend the Heaven.

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