Different Hardcore: Semi-Hardcore proposal

Hello to every Hardcore fan,

Please read below and respond.

I want to make the game more fun. Here are 2 main problems that I see and a solution. The major problems are with the goals of the game. If I am playing standard non-hardcore mode - I can die as much as I want and there will be no problems, this means that there is nothing stopping me to play and play and I always know that I will have the best stuff in time. This is boring because its predictable and you are unstoppable. I know that if I play 5 years I will have the best stuff and I will have beaten the game a million times.

On the other hand the current hardcore mode - if you die once your character is dead - this is a good mode because you have to be careful how you play, and you don't know whether you will reach the end of the game or get the best gear. This always puts you on the edge. The major problem with the hardcore mode now is that you can't exit the game instantaneously - this means that you will have to spend lots and lots of time at the same level so you level up very high in order to continue to the next level. Sitting at the same level for a very long time gets very boring fast. The 10 second exit also makes the game hard to play with people you don't know (for example at boss fights) - you have to plan the gameplay very well (takes lots of time not just sitting and playing) which doesn't make the game fun.

PROPOSAL: Either change the hardcore mode, or create a new mode called semi-hardcore. In semi-hardcore you live once but you can exit the game instantaneously. This can be done with either pressing one button like F5, or an instantaneous town portal (a better idea). I believe this will attract a lot more fans to the game (fans that are not satisfied with the current 2 modes). There will still be an edge when playing but the players wont get mad when they are WAITING to see their high level character die because other players sucked. I am certain that this mode will attract a much larger audience for hardcore. A possibility for more than one life is also possible.

To summarize the problems with the 10 sec delay Imagine you just spend 1 month playing HC and building a character - then:

1) If you lag for a few seconds due to internet interruption or power supply blow out from your computer you are likely to be dead. This can happen to anyone. With instant leave Semi-HC any disconnection removes the character from the game.

2) You need to play hours and hours at the same damn act to level the character before continuing forward because if you are too weak at a different act - there is no going back with 10 sec. With Semi-HC you can take more risks and go to different acts thus making the game more fun. So with Semi-HC this will give you even more excitement while playing. Unlike pure soft core, you will still be on the edge because you will need quick reaction - some can die withing a couple of seconds just like in D2. But this won't be as ridiculous as 10 seconds. Its really annoying to go and fight a boss - and just wait to be dead.

3) Its hard to play with people you don't know under normal HC because cooperation is so important. If your teammates suck you are also dead. The Semi-HC mode will allow you to play with others without having constant fear with who you are. If they suck you can easily leave.

4) Regular HC just takes too much planning and strategy development in order to survive long. For example most of the time you have to play alone, make sure the connection is good, and stay at the same damn act for hours and hours until you level. All the planning doesn't make the game fun at all. With Semi-HC you can just sit down and play - no special planning will be necessary and so you can have much more fun.

4) Regular HC just takes too much planning and strategy development in order to survive long. All the planning doesn't make the game fun at all.

speak for yourself, SC ->>>>>>>>>>>>>> thatta way
You will have a tough time getting support from the HC community on this.

We embrace the Hardcore aspect of this game and do not really share your views.

I'm especially not in agreement with point number 4. Too much planning? As opposed to what? Should not the risk of permanent death warrant a little thought and planning?

It seems to me that if HC is too hard for you, and SC is too soft for you. . .the problem is you. Either play HC as is, or go back to SC, or maybe Diablo just isn't your cup of tea.
you do listen to yourself, dont you?
you dont have to be hard boiled, its fine to be soft boiled!
but half-boiled?
holy crap, just go away dude.
no one likes em half boiled... no one.

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Simeon, lots of folks would agree with you about the insta-leave. The ten second delay has cost many,many hc chars their pixelated existence. Many deaths here are caused by factors outside of the players' hands. The insta-disconnect has its weakness too as many players would excel at killing the power source quicker than you could blink every time they got in over their heads. Which is not hc in many ways. I like the way they now have it set up. Have lost a few chars to dc/lags etc, but more to my own mistakes. In fact I believe many of the reported dc rants are really just players' errors, created by folks with fragile egos, who are looking for something/anything to blame, but themselves.

I don't agree with your #4 at all. I never plan. This is a game. I never even know what class I am going to run, until I look at my roster. Then it is just a whim. Yes, I die a lot, but that is what hc is all about. It would seem to me you are getting a little too attached to your pixels, which is a sc carryover.

Blizz has made the game easier & easier with each succeeding patch. Some would argue that 1.05 has become too easy. Perhaps for the diehard "pro" gamer that is true. But for the average Joe gamer like myself, the game works. They have made some good changes. Am looking forward to pvp.
11/19/2012 04:40 AMPosted by twasbrillig
Simeon, lots of folks would agree with you about the insta-leave.

Lots of folks probably would. Those folks should probably be playing softcore. Add instant exit to hardcore and you've pretty much granted immunity to everyone.
you mean softcore ya?
Play SC if you don't like what HC offers. Both modes are fine as is. A new mode would simply divide players into a third category.
If I was going to vote for anything "semi-hardcore", it'd be for two deaths allowed. But the exit instantly idea I see so often, not sure if I like it. As unfair as DC deaths are, that isn't the way to solve it.
Sorry you typed that dissertation just to hear me say: No.

I can't think of one thing I like "semi-hard"

(dont let that discourage your ideas and creative thinking, but know not all of them are gonna be winners)
If one is concerned about losing a character and the long and hard hours (not semi-hard) that must be put in, then hardcore isn't the right thing for such an individual.

11/19/2012 09:19 AMPosted by geology
I can't think of one thing I like "semi-hard"

That's what she said.
Wow, it's been almost a week since this topic came up.

OP: please follow directions to SC. It's that way ------------>

edit: btw, I didn't use the AH until late hell in SC or hardcore, and I made it to 60 on my first HC character. Try getting to at least a2 normal before telling us how to play d3 in the future.
What's the point in playing HC if you can exit when you want? That's the same thing as SC.
Hardcore should be what it is. Die once and done. Don't care if more ppl get interested in it.

If you want to play hardcore accept your death and loss of everything on character when it happens.
I want insta-townportal back. kthx
I want true hardcore pvp, .then you have a hall of.trophys (of your.defeated enemys severed heads on display in your profile) that would be epic
OP please stay away from HC!! you belong in Softcore!

Perhaps even Softcore is probably too hard for you.

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