Shift + Holding Click Not Triggering Procs

I recently obtained a Storm Crow and a Hellfire ring for my wizard, and I notice that when I hold shift and hold left click to shoot my forked lightning (and just move my mouse to have the lightning follow the cursor), it will never proc the fireball from the helm or ring other than from the initial cast. If I hold shift and left click repeatedly, it will proc both items regularly. Can someone please look into this or explain that it's known and isn't a bug? If this isn't a bug - bummer. Holding shift+left click is such a finger-friendly way of casting electrocute.
It's not a bug. It's the difference between "when attacking" and "on hit."
Doh. Thanks.
This may not be a bug, but it's extremely annoying and should be re-considered by Blizzard, because it's very, very user unfriendly. I just searched for a built-in option in the Logitech Control Center (yes, it's a Mac here) and there is NO way, to set a mouse click to a behaviour, that by holding the mouse button, it should fire repeatedly click-and-release-events.

Really, this can not be their intention after all the hustle to get such fine items...
Channeled spells do proc the ring only on initial cast!
Most commonly used wizards skills fall into that category.
eg: Archon Beam, Desintegrate etc.
Maybe forked lightning is considered vhanneled too, if so its another kick in the wizards face
However you can proc the ring if you spamclick channeled spells but then your spell wont do the dmg it could do.
Yes, I'm using Electrocute with the Lightning Blast rune and I definitely do NOT cast the Storm Crow's Arcane Orb OR the Hellfire Ring's Fireball, if I hold down the mouse. I need to click it permanently now.

It's just another thing (one of many), where it seems, that the folks at Blizzard just don't think about some things. At least, they should mention such a thing within the game somewhere (the difference about channeled spells and others).

But I assume they want every player to visit the forum instead. Saves a LOT of money, to let the players find bugs or strange things, which I find quite disgusting in my personal opinion, not to mention the problems with balancing.. but that's far too off-topic now =)

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