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Since the other thread is maxed out...
Me, what should I upgrade?

You definitely will do better with a Triumvirate instead of a Tal Rasha source since your weapon is a black weapon. You will gain quite a fair bit of DPS just with that source change.
Trying to gear up my Wiz as best I can for the skills I like to use. I'm hoping for a little help from the experts :)

I've got 3 more items to get ... What do you guys recommend? (aside from a good black weapon)

a socketed 1 hand weapon with life steal and possibly crit damage (depending on price)
a 6 crit cd int ring with vitality on it (vit looks low)
depth diggers if you want the resists (high int and vit)
rare pants if you dont care about the resists (cheap 100+int 240+ vit 2 sockets) or if you can't find good depth diggers cheap
if your life is 30k+ with the pants possibly no vit on the ring
Just wondering if a Legendary, say an Echoing Fury for example, qualifies as a "black weapon"?
Would appreciate advice on the next upgrade for my wizard. :)

I would look for rings first with 9%AS.

Your right ring needs replacing badly. Get one with same crit/IAS but with a nice chunk of AR or LoH

First off you have really nice gear XD. But I might think of replacing your triumvant with an Oracles. Oracles have higher average dmg (mine is 287.5, urs is 251.5), and the 6% arcane you lose can be replaced with bonus % to elites, which may or may not be a big deal.

EDIT: my d3 profile -
@Sneakytako I would replace Amy or belt. Upgrade your gems also
12/12/2012 03:09 AMPosted by Ic1HooksTV
Just wondering if a Legendary, say an Echoing Fury for example, qualifies as a "black weapon"?

yes Echo is a black weapon.. any weapon with only physical damage (no extra elemental damage) is considered "black". its significance is its synergy with items such as trium, tals ammy, zuni boots, the % of ele damage on these items is added to the black weapon damage.
Morph: I see you are using critical mass, but you have a low crit chance. I suppose my next steps if i were you would be to look for cc on some gloves or ammy.
@ summonerson

Pants can upgrade cheaply
Gloves can upgrade cheaply
Gems can upgrade
i think you could get more out of a hellfire ring than that wailing host
@Scottw i'd say either a storm crow with cc or a chan's wand with a socket
anything i can upgrade for my cm wiz (this is my main account)
@maui wow you have a nice hellfire. Also, those lacuni prowlers you have are probably the absolute best for cm/ww. I have a mempo to switch out for stormcrow whenever i can afford to buy a new chant source that has apoc. You have LoH to boot!

@nolife well you are pretty well off. i guess if you can swing a upgrade nat's ring + boots you could sqeak out some improvements. pricey though..

I'd work towards some trifecta gear so you can reapply Pinpoint and Stretch Time to other abilities.

I know I need more APoC. What else could I improve on?
Wasn't the last thread version 8? It is still on the 1st page of forums.
I'd get some trifecta gloves, the only crit damage I can see is on your witching hour so adding more of that should be a pretty big bonus to your dps.
Also switch the Andys to a Crit Mempo if you can afford it.
@Kalix: witching hour or socketed weapon with higher DPS

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