5 Rules for posting "Help my Monk" Threads

1. Post using your Diablo 3 account, or link your profile. If you post using your Starcraft or Warcraft acounts, we can't find your character without a link.

2. If your gear or skills differ significantly from what appears in your profile, please let people know. For example, if you're using a build specifically for efficient XP farming in low Monster Power and want advice for high Monster Power key farming, you want to mention that.

3. If this is a question about what gear to buy, put your budget in the post. If you don't have an exact budget, at least give us an approximate range.

4. It is OK to just ask for general advice. However, you may get better responses if you mention any particular goals. If you have any specific constraints or restrictions in mind, mention them too. For example, asking for "The best way to get my Monk to 100K DPS, without lowering my resists or armor" may get you responses more targetted to your goals.

5. Do a quick search of the forum before you post. Some questions have been answered many times. There are also several good guides that have been posted in the recent past.
If you have around 100K DPS or less and are looking for gearing advice, two good guides are:

Piffle's guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435884
Nameless's guide: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7005435708
Sticky requested. And not just because my guide made it in the initial post. :P
I need help, plz help me improve
want to try to do mp5
+5 :)

All of this
yo, you forgot the REAL rule #1
1) the first rule of posting "help my monk" thread, is we do NOT talk, about "help my monk" ;D

lol jk, Fight Club movie quote.
^ in hopes that people see these rules prior to creating new "help me" threads
Re-requesting sticky :)
Good job OP. Although I think #5 should be moved to #1spot. That alone would stop 90% of these types of threads.

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