this just happened to me. i sent them a ticke

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great, so a person should be allowed to take something off the market because their starting price was a mistake even after someone has bid one it. i think anyone would be angry and rightfully so if a player was able to cancel an auction right near when another player had already won it. plain and simple if you don't want to make a mistake count your zeros, if you list something and it is bid on you can't withdraw the item. this is strictly on the mistake of a player, not the buyer.
This was an unfortunate event and I agree that the timer should stop during downtime but I doubt you'll get compensation. It would be unfair to other players who have had this happen to them and didn't receive such compensation. The best thing you can do is learn from it and hope it doesn't happen again. You could also try posting your suggestion and hope that it gains enough traction for Blizzard to see.
happened to me many many times... even during maintenance or emergency ones or whatever. they should just pause the ending time seriously
11/18/2012 11:06 AMPosted by chrisko
and i got 58m for it after the 15% cut.

Nice troll, in the first paragraph, you said the item sold for 58m and got about 51m with the cut. If your not, don't worry about it, d3 keeps getting better! Also, 100m may be a lot of money but you'd only get one upgraid for it... :P
Every time I auction, I triple-check, read the digits carefully.
So basically Chrisko, you arent responsible for your own actions? thats cool must mean someone else is. Can we please hear from the person who is in control of your actions? Afterall if a ventriloquist makes a mistake I dont want to hear from the dummy on his lap.

Or you could just grow a pair. Admit you made a mistake like every other man on the planet and live with the consequences quietly - trust me this is a skill you will need for marriage so might as well start practicing incase thats ever a situation you find yourself in...

Greedmonger gets what he earned.
to be honest your the onlyone complain about this mistake.

11/19/2012 10:14 AMPosted by chrisko
kill more monsters and quit typing on these forums.

i think your the one that needs to kill more monsters and quit typing on these forums.
are your going to send a ticket every time you make a mistake?
U should enter ur price like this
100 000 000, per 3 hits, easy.
But yes, blizzard should fix this to make it easier.
11/18/2012 11:06 AMPosted by chrisko
because you don't have commas and it is really confusing sometimes

People complain nonstop that the game is "dumbed down" and then we get this crap. Does it ever end? Is there any happy medium with the current generation of gamers?

This "community" contradicts itself more than politicians. It's no wonder Blizzard keeps patch information tightly sealed.
11/20/2012 10:47 AMPosted by Madworld
ITT: People blaming victims of a flawed design.

I don't think anyone is saying that the AH UI couldn't be improved, but calling OP a victim of it is a stretch. OP is a victim of his own carelessness.

We all know the limitations of the AH. If that doesn't encourage you to check and recheck your numbers before posting, then don't expect any resolution from Blizzard. In the end, it is your fault and yours alone.
you're all tools
These threads always make me laugh, there is some justice in the world after all. I double and triple check a $5 order from Amazon and some of these people are not checking the zeroes for items worth several hundred dollars (though granted this one was worth at most $50).
lol iv seen a few threads with people doing this... how hard is it to know what amount your entering. "there are no commas" are you retarded?

100 000 000
123 123

counting to three twice is hard!!!! you have a nice item your about to sell for a good ammount, would be a good time to slow down and enter the info correctly....but,but,but life is hard!!!!
only for the retarded and lazy bud.
this post is useless, what a nub...

A CMs explanation of why there are no commas in the auction house...

A CMs explanation of why there are no commas in the auction house...

Sounds like they are looking at using spaces instead of commas or periods. If they did that, there would still be someone like the OP who would find a way to screw it up and then blame blizzard.
Question to OP: How long have you been using the auction house?

Just think that you're not the only one who makes this kind of mistake. Probably not once but a couple of times. That's why there's the CONFIRM button for you to go back and double-check if you think something is wrong. But you confirmed it in your confidence, so who made the decision to hit confirm? People have been playing this game for a while and I rarely hear them QQ about simple things that really doesn't need attention at the moment. Don't blame the game for your stupidity. It's human nature. We all make mistakes on anything we do at times. Just move along. Funny though since you mentioned that you want to be "fairly compensated" (roflmao on your fault) and you still play the game when you said "it sucks."

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