CM/Freeze Damage mitigation and DPS?

I am still very new to this class and the build I am using and I have a few more questions for you guys/girls.

As long as my spells are not on cooldown, I can survive in mp 10 against elites but they take a really long time to kill. I really don't ever plan on going into mp 10 unless it is with an uber group who is very well geared. With my barb, he can comfortably farm keys and gear in mp 8 with elites dying in 30 seconds or less. First question is what dps is required with my build in order to kill mp 8 elites in a reasonable amount of time? Or, should I just stick with group play on higher mp levels and forget about solo play? The big areas I see that I am lacking for DPS are low intelligence, low source damage range, low damage weapon range and I could use some more crit chance.

For damage mitigation, what are optimum Vit, armor, AR levels to stay alive in up to mp 8 so that you have a chance to survive if spells are on cooldown?

I am still saving up to upgrade my barb but I may spend more money on my wiz than I originally intended if I can get him to the point where he can solo up to mp 8 and not take forever to kill elites.

MP8 yellow elites in 30 seconds is 90-100k dps SNS. That's diamond shards + Shocking aspect for your armour.

That requires pretty substantial defenses for MP8. Your actually fairly close.

You need to go get a 1.65 aps chants wand. Your below 2.73 breakpoint by 1 point atm. Then use your scoundrel for 51cc. That's pretty solid all around. Stop using deep freeze and get the +15% damage. Switch stretch time for teleport safe passage or something defensive. Use diamond shards, not shell.

Get a vile ward for a big boost to armour, you're lacking.

It'll be close, your defenses are right on the edge. Not sure if you'll be OK or not, but without SNS your damage output is just terrible.
I will give your suggestions a try. I wasn't going to bother upgrading source for a while but I saw one with 69-380 damage and the same other stats(actually 1 less APoC) you see in my profile for a BIN of 60m so I bought it. Not sure if it was a good deal but between that and a pair of iceclimbers that I bought for 30m( no base vit) my paper dps jumped 16k to 102k. My lowest AR is currently 653 and my aps is 2.74. With scoundrel, I have a 51% CC. Was looking at vile wards.....that will be next upgrade I think. Assuming, I stay alive how would you feel about using slow time with time warp for a 20% damage increase? I am all for staying alive first so I will try all your suggestions first.

I see profile updating is still bugged. Anyway, those were great suggestions. I managed to do an mp 8 key run with only one death due to the learning curve of the new skills. The only suggestion I don't get is using diamond shards. If i keep spamming diamond skin it never wears off. Teleport was exactly what I needed to stay alive.

Thanks again!
Diamond Shards activates when you refresh it as well as when it falls off naturally or hit by a monster
11/18/2012 06:33 AMPosted by Aphraell
Diamond Shards activates when you refresh it as well as when it falls off naturally or hit by a monster

Ok and now it makes sense.
Full shocknadoshards (SNS) is ~8x sheet dps when chaining. So 100K becomes 800K aoe.

Just depends how much of a grind you want. I can farm mp10 ez with 117K dps

But don't like it. Too grindy. 8 min for 3 elites? lolz. So I do mp8 usually.

I think u need 170K+ dps to even begin to make MP10 doable.

100K should do mp6-7.

This is all assuming using highest dps variants of the build. Use energy armor and shell cut everything in half since it does half dps in real world.
yup aims on the mark, im at 110k and farm mp7 effieciently, and if i wanna speed run i could mp5 i guess, but i just do a lower mp in archon usually
Thats what I do. grab my skorn hellfire Tyrells chest and haul asss though mp3 @223K dps.

But i hate the playstyle. no skill just holding down laser turret and moving forward and not much fun.

i like managing of rousources positioning and timing of CM - in act 4 ofc not act 3 like you sissies.:P
yeah i agree aim, have u tried the raining meteor build?
11/18/2012 12:11 PMPosted by SteelPhantom
yeah i agree aim, have u tried the raining meteor build?

no what's that?
its sortof a 180 degree change from regular cm builds, ive only tried it out once, but its pretty fun to spam meteors, probably more of a group build unless one of ur followers is an excellent tank
180 degree like good to bad. Like fast to slow.:P The only good way to spam em is like WW procs to get started regular sns with meteor spam. Compare his MP10 video to mine. Mines slow going his is like when I built a 1.25m gold wiz and beat game. Act 3 took two days.
MP8 yellow elites in 30 seconds is 90-100k dps SNS.

I see the acronym "SNS" all the time....what is it? Sorry, i'm a forum noob.
shocknado shards
It's the gold standard of CM and does crapload more damage. Shocknadoshards.

You lose armor buffs like energy armor or ice armor for shocking aspect which is no armor but adds like 30% real dps.

You lose crystal shell buff for diamond shards which is like having another explosive blast on your hot key setup.

But u need to replace all that armor ar and HP you lost.

You lose at least 30% mitgation and 10K HP.

Thats why you see CM's running around with 850 AR unbuffed and 5000 armor unbuffed cuz they need it to be like they were when running prismatic for example.
11/18/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Aimless
You lose at least 30% mitgation and 10K HP.

You lose alot more when you counter in that Diamond skin only absorbs half the amount.
Ok, SNS - Shocknadoshards...

Shock = shocking aspect
Shards = diamond shards

and nado?
Lol I don't see many wizards with 850 ar and 5000 armor
11/18/2012 04:09 PMPosted by Ryoka
and nado?

Tornado. Energy Twister.

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