B.net crash. dead heroes

Bug Report
Hi. Just played some hardcore with a lvl 20 Wizard, battle.net went down and when I logged back in the hero was dead. This is sad but for me not that much of a big deal

But after this a really crazy bug happened. I took select hero and selected my hardcore lvl 60 (lvl 8 paragon lvl). This made the hero just die... I was not even ingame I just died right from the character select screen. Please bring this hero back somehow and fix this bug,

My lvl 60 demon hunter is now in the "hall of fallen heroes" but it does not say it's dead and it's said it's slain by "unknown".

Please bring this hero back to my account, I spended over 60 h with it.
Same thing had/has happened to me in the past as per para1, it only happens to Hard Core Heros, all have been deleted except the last one a Wizard, I got the Time Out notice, restarted but hero was dead, no big deal have already started a new hardcore Wiz, But would hate to lose another one to The Crash Death Monster! The AnctRanger
Yes, but I also lost a hero I did not play with. so lost 2 heros in one crash. Was on good way to clear act 3 inferno, wanted to beat the game, but now I will never play again. Not worth spending 60 h + just to die from a bug again

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