Quadfecta / INT / Pickup radius gloves

I'm seriously stumped as to what these are worth. I'd appreciate some feedback from you AH pros out there...

my 30m should suffice
WOW. take that to WD forums and trade forums. be patient :)
Yeah, go to WD forums. Way more than 30m.
Thanks for the feedback...why exactly would this be a better WD glove?
pickup radius.
^Because one of their most powerful (or the most powerful) build revolves around getting +25-35y pickup radius.

It also doesn't rely on crit chance, and attack speed tends to be a malus, not a bonus due to increased mana consumption.

Therefore what your gloves doesn't have (10cc and 9 IAS) which hurts its value by an order of magnitude for a wizard will be almost completely ignored by a WD when they see pickup radius, a solid int roll, and a high end AR roll.
Thanks Shandlar! That's really informative. Any idea what this might be worth to WD? (assuming that a Wizard would pay less based on what you said about not having max CC / IAS)
pick up radius for wd is cm to wiz. that's their skill cooldown; whenever an enemy die in their pick up radius, it acts like wizard's cm.

your item looks good but playing with fellow wd for long, they definitely want vit in that glove imo. regardless, it will still sell.
I know some1 who just paid like 120m for gloves similar, a WD. I wouldn't even wear them. No armor. You can keep your CD.
Yeah a WD will pay at least 100m for that, IMHO.

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