Dahlgur Oasis Flashing Bug

Technical Support
So, as of about 2 days ago, anytime i fight in Dahlgur Oasis, and target anything, gold, chests, enemies, which is obviously alot, my brightness or contrast shifts to much brighter, and then back again when i mouse off of it. I have talked to several other people who are having this problem on general chat. It's REALLY annoying, because it flashes back and forth constantly while i try to find the keywarden. Also, still having the random lag spikes and disconnections i've been having since 1.0.5... seriously.. what the problem is.

This can happen if you have anti-aliasing enabled both in your video card's utility app (Nvidia Control Panel,Catalyst Control Center) and in-game. Try disabling it in either one.

Also, it's been reported by some Nvidia users that having Ambient Occlusion enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel can cause problems in the game too so you may want to check for that and disable it if it's enabled.
Thanks that fixed it, funny how it just started happening 2 days ago when my settings havent changed for months.. but whatever, its fixed now.. If only you guys could fix my real problem, the lag spikes and disconnections i deal with on a regular basis, you'd be kickin !@#!

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