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So i just sold a nice inna's and am feeling financially comfortable. What should I get my highest leveled WD?
Grats, what's your budget like?

By the look of your skill build, you're doing lower mp speed runs?

If so you might want to try out AC in place of your zombie dogs, makes the run really fast.

This is my suggestion. Since you are going 2H and it seems like you're lacking mana regen. I would try to get 4 piece zunnis. It would be a big upgrade for you.

Get a Zunni helm with Mana Per Second (MPS) with around 200~ INT.

Any zunni chest would be an upgrade, try to look for 150~ VIT & INT, Physical Resist (PR) or Life Regen (LR).

Zunni boots with decent stats, Look for one with PR if the ones with AR are too expensive for you.

Zunni Pox with CC are still quite expensive, if you can't afford it, try to look for one with either +DMG or Pick up Radius (PUR).

And since you are using Grave Injustice (GI) and Gruesome Feast (GF) I would suggest upgrading your belt, shoulders and gloves with some more PUR. Try to aim for at least 20+ PUR.
Why do you use acid rain and zombie bears at the same time with that build, because don't they both cost mana to use? I'm confused.
i guess acid rain for trash mobs and bears for elites
thats what i do...
Thanks Recount, and yeah I'm doing mp0 speed runs. I'll look into using AC. I've tried it before, but i'll retry it.

I have around 150M. I was thinking about getting zuni- but I was wondering if it would be more efficient to get a Leoric's signet. If so, then I'd have to forget about the 4 pieces of Zuni (wouldn't be able to use ring or OH). Still, zuni chest, helm and boots would be nice. (also, i neeeeeever though about getting stuff with PR. That's probably the most help you've given me!) However, I'm thinking I should spend my money on 1-3 big purchases rather than 3-5. In the past when I try upgrading everything I learn that my newly purchased items become dated in a couple of weeks. The only purchase that is still somewhat good is my Skorn (and it doesn't even have life steal so it's not even worth all that much.)

But thank you for the advice. I might just leave this char as it is, and go buy a 1h and try to work on my sacrifice build WD...

What warwick said is correct, 1 shot white mobs with AC and ZB for elites.


I have some left over WD gear, some I can give to you for free and some at a cheaper price than AH. If you are interested let me know. I can also give you a more in depth guide for gearing your WD in game.

When I do MP0 speed clears I use 3 piece cain, Leoric and hell fire. That drops my dps to around 80K, I am still able to 1shot white mobs and destroy elites without going oom. If you are able to do that with out the 4 piece zunni, then you're good to go.

I'm currently at work but if you still need assistance you can add me: recount#1901
everyone, recount is awesome. really helped me out in game

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