so.. risk getting banned or wrist injury?

which do you guys choose?
Play other characters
WW barb
If your account is worth more than 1,000$ its not worth it. I got banned for using a macro that loops 1,2,3,4. If you want to take chances then go ahead, took about 1 month for me to get caught.
take a time off from gaming

being banned isn't worth it nor sustaining an injury
"caught" meaning you knew you were doing wrong!

Haha just having a dig.
If I get banned for AHK. It will be the last Blizz game I buy.

I have tried to play manually for a long time and my wrist just hurt too much.
If i get banned for using their mouse I feel the same. Very misleading saying you can set up all these macros for d3 in manual and even show u how then ban u for it? Thats crazy.

Then again I might get some more homework done so they could be doing me a favor.
they need to come out and state CLEARLY the sort of macro usage that will get users banned.
why not 3rd option
change build to simpler relaxing yet effective build? like mine :D
yeah good idea but still cm and fn is lots of clicking. I wish we could survive in melee range without freeze spells like mocking demise or fn.
11/18/2012 08:27 PMPosted by Firedrop
which do you guys choose?

I switched to archon for now. It feels refreshing for now. However I am not sure that it would be my build in the future. I don't like the idea of putting as many passive spell on my skill bar as I can.

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