Does Sentry Benefit From SOJ?

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I just found the discussion about Hydra.

Does SOJ increase the damage of Sentry against elites or not?

By the way, Sentry doesn't get any life back from LOH and life steal BUT REFLECTED DAMAGE....

Is it a bug? Or should I "learn to play"?
I think the answer is no. It does not crit. At 100K dps, I see sentry hitting around 20-30K. nothing higher with or without SOJ. Sentry has good attack speed, give benefit based on rune and get you kill when you are kiting against RD. Fun Skill to use.
Couple of follow ups:

- Hydra and Sentry are technically "pets" (so to speak), so whenever we make the change to no longer allow pet damage to reflect back to the player, they'll be included too.

- If we do elect to move forward with having Reflects Damage be a duration-based affix, we'd also want to add a new visual for whenever RD is active.

Posted by a blue.


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