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04/18/2016 05:28 PMPosted by ZachOD
Know what game you're playing and assure you're on the right keys. 1, 2 , 3, 4 Diablo..... q,w,e,r LoL... The Fails...

So my advice to prevent this is make 1 hotkey set for both D3 and LoL and play both games the same way :) thats what i do.

Hotkeys from LoL are exactly the same as in D3
Don't die bro!
Never be afraid to run the hell away.
When doing high level greater rifts and getting close to filling the bar, always be aware of the kind of map you're about to spawn the boss into. Sometimes a bad map can turn an easy boss into a challenging one, or a hard one into a near-fatal one. Don't be afraid to forfeit the rift, all you'll lose is a keystone and a bit of time.

Case in point, today I fought Perdition in one of those indoor Act 3 areas which are full of narrow passageways and corners, and those of you who play ranged classes will know how important it is to watch his animations like a hawk. Fighting him in a place full of blind spots was not the best idea, and if I'm being honest, I probably shouldn't have survived that one. But somehow I did.
I played hc every season and then blizzard kills you with some lag spike or disconnect you while your in a grift 70 i wasnt lagging at that moment just got kicked from then i came back online to find my barb dead thx blizzard so yea my tip play sc atleast you dont die for no reason
make sure your pets (or buffs) are active before you rush into an elite at gr level 1
See hardcore for what it is; softcore with a 1 minute resurrection timer. When you proc go sit in town or in a clear part of the rift and watch your cheat death debuff slowly time out.
don't play in public if you have a bad internet connection
Don't crash
don't run what you can't speed

run one defensive gem always

But honestly, if you have any interest in the leaderboards you are going to die somewhere, somehow.... just accept the fact. Those close "OH CRAP" moments are what make the game exciting and memorable!
Lock this garbage thread and unsticky it.
^^^Don't be a troll...^^^
Beware of Rift Guardians in high-level Greater Rifts!!!

Some Rift Guardians deal damage that is disproportionate to the game's difficulty and the Elites you encounter, which takes people by surprise and can kill a hero faster than you can say "Holy @#!#"

My advice to players who are looking to push high-level Greater Rifts is to find one that has a Shield Pylon in it. DO NOT ACTIVATE IT. I recommend you proceed until your purple progress meter is 98-99% full, then retrace your steps back to the Shield Pylon. For this strategy to work, it is imperative that you NOT KILL the monster around the Shield Pylon, because you'll need them to summon the Rift Guardian. Once the Rift Guardian is summoned, activate the Shield Pylon and you will be temporarily immune to damage--usually for the duration of the entire fight.
Just don't die
Don't play hardcore. If you get a disconnect, your character can die and you have no recourse.
Rename your char to Quin69.
My contribution

Read this thread
Avoid perdition as a Demon Hunter. That's three really nice DH's that have been smoked in one shots by him. You need to be about 100% on the vault or its game over.

I really need to learn to spawn near a level or shield pylon.
Push through the DDoS DCs/Lags - Push it harder and get that GR Higher!
Even if it means 13 heroes losses... and counting...
Die another round, because of DDoS.
Try not to cry....
Fetus position...
Cry alot...

Then stand up and keep on pushing.

Welcome to Hardcore.
"Nothing lasts forever..."
More than one.
As said your going to the question is how best to deal.
While in the game and up some:

1-Make another character like the first.
2-Bring the gem of ease to at least 25.
3-save all good stuff especially your--- extra set pieces.
4- by taking off your "using" Gems one at a time and putting on them into your extra's stash,
Run low level GRs.
Get extra "using" Gems. Cause she will not see these on you, or in the stash.
Bring these up, starting in my case the ET gem. 25 at least.
Higher the better.
5-Hellfire Amulint. Several. Can wear and equip earliest.
6 save lowest level kings crown you may have found.
7 in all versions pay up for extra, doing RG.

So, if after being killed you can go to that Backup, so to speak.
Be a 70 in a hour or two.
Full set ready to go.
Old paragons points.
Do again
Do again.
Like generations of family

A different way to play. To stay alive so to speak.

I expect a lot play this way. I can't figure any other way. A system,,plan.
Otherwise will be no fun. Always starting from nothing.

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