Really weird FPS spikes.

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So lately since I came back to D3 i've been getting really weird FPS spikes on occasion, my fps will drop down to 0 for about half a second. long enough that on inferno on my wizard since it only seems to happen when im fighting it's long enough to get me killed. Now i've tried the following things.

Running the MPQs on a RamDisk,
Reinstalling D3.
Reinstalling graphics drivers.
fresh install of windows, D3 AND drivers.

Vsynch and max fps are both off.

My system is as follows

Intel I7 920 2.6
12 GB ram
GTX 560 Ti Superclocked
1 TB main harddrive
2 TB secondary

My system is by no means bad and runs the game around 150+ FPS constant, but those fps spikes are killing me
ur not the only one, this has been happening to alot of people since the new patch idk what it is
bump for great justice
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lets make a super thread.

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