Ubers and gear problems

Hello all.

My brother and I were attempting to do MP4 ubers yesterday in hopes of our first rings.
Everything was fine until the Siegebreaker and Kulle combo.

Every attempt siegebreaker would die, mostly to me, as my brother is a wizard and does play well with reflect damage. Anyhow, to make a long story short, I cannot keep up my WOTB up against kulle and cannot heal fast enough and eventually die. Is this a learn to play issue?

I know my gear is not the greatest, but drops are hard to come by and I have not found anything worth any serious amount of gold. What should I begin to get rid of first?

Thanks for the replies,
your barb should be able to handle MP4 fine, if all your problem is fury regen issue, I can see that as your cc from gear is 27.5% which is slightly on the low end, and virtually no IAS except one of the ring gave you 6%, good thing that your dagger offhand high base attack speed offset that a bit, but having problem spinning about a single target in boss fight is not a surprise with your setup. Get more CC / IAS, that would do it, I would give up that 28% cd on your glove for 8%+ ias, and get both CC / IAS on your rings is the way to go. IAS on ammy only if it comes with cc and cd, since ammy can roll 9% max IAS, which is the same with rings, but cc / cd max rolls on ammy are about twice as rings
From what I can see, your gear looks good enough to solo mp7 ubers without issue.

Try running bloodthirst.

Also when kulle is standing in his bubble you should hold shift+bash/frenzy him from outside of it's radius.

While you can sprint through the bubbles, the attack speed slow will likely cut your dps in half, which is another thing that can make it hard to heal.

As for keeping wotb up, I would suggest getting 15-25% bonus attack speed instead of just one piece. Even then you probably won't have a 100% uptime vs kulle, but your dps is high enough to just beat him down anyways.
Get a 300str 180cd 1300dps skorn for a few mil(camp the ah a bit and keep filtering by time left, new ones get posted a couple times a minute and expire almost as fast) and switch to a hota/rend build for ubers. I carried a guy on mp 4 through that fight the other day and your gear is similar or better than mine.

Just have sb charge to the left and have the other guy pull kulle to the right while you smash sb. The guy I carried pulled kulle and died shortly after but I was able to take sb down in time. My wrath wore off before I even engaged kulle but he was np with rend bloodlust and hota. Just move out of his bubbles asap.

also if you check my profile its all jacked up. Its showing my dw ww stats but still shows the skorn in my hand.
To solve your problem with no gear changes:

Change bash to weapon throw with throwing hammer as your rune.
Change a passive to no escape.

That's it....then burn seige down like normal, and you'll be able to stunlock kulle no problem and keep your WoTB up no problem, just spam battle rage and sprint while keeping weapon throw going the entire time. Your bro will also be able to inflict more damage because kulle will be more stationary. When kulle casts his bubble, sprint out of it and just start throwing weapons again.
Thanks for numerous replies!

I guess I need to budget some IAS into my gear. Would it be worth it to run an Andariel's Visage instead of my budget IK helm? 156 Str, 8IAS, 4.5 CC, 8% more fire damage taken?

@ Sam, Sein: I'll seriously look into new gloves and rings with IAS and CC. What passive should I remove to acquire bloodthirst?

@MattGL My gold income is not great, and while I want to try 2hand in the future I believe it is best to focus on a double nado build, but a decent skorn is something I want for the future!

@Wayneold: That is something I will try later tonight. It looks good on paper, but my one question is how do you generate rage, unless I am mistaken there is no direct rage generator (rage is refunded or gained through throw crits and nados).

edit: Would a cheap pair of Lacunis be a decent upgrade?
Initial fury generation is done by getting hit, from there on out every weapon throw crit generates an incredible amount of fury. Check out my build, I don't have a fury generator and it works just fine.

Weapon throw with throwing hammer answers all your problems, you get a constant stream of damage on kulle so your life steal can keep you alive, plus it keeps kulle stationary and stunlocked for the ost part so he can't damage you or your buddies as often.

Trust me, its a build issue, not a gear issue....your gear is just fine for mp4.
Tried your suggestion Wayneold and I have to admit, best advice ever. I easily took them out. Man, thank you sir!
No problem man, glad to help.

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